88 Racing is a professional open-wheel racing team in the new Australasian S5000 Grand Prix series. Principal Albert Callegher, a passionate former open wheel racer of the late 80’s & early 90s, having raced Sprint Karts for 10 years, Formula Fords, Formula Brabham (F/Holden) including an attempt to enter IMSA GTP in 1990 in the USA. The passion for Formula 1 runs deep in the Callegher & Zanon family both from the Venice & Treviso regions of Italy.



  • 1988 Beverley Hills Motorsport set up Aussie Roo Racing in Los Angeles to participate in the 1990 IMSA Series in the US. This series was run in over 20 cities during the 80's, the most famous being the Miami Grand Prix. Popularity from all things Australian at that time, allowed a budget and sponsors to come together
  • K&A Engineering developed a second Ves-kanda by 1990, called Kanda, an acronym for K and A Engineering. In 1991 with the US Recession, IMSA events was reduced to less than 15 cities and ended our opportunity with cancelled sponsorship. A new generation of cars then made the Kanda obsolete and brought back to Australia.
  • 1992 November purchased Allan Gallaway Ralt RT21 (former aluminum car driven by Damian Hill F3000 built in 1986) a week before the Adelaide F1 GP and raced in the Formula Brabham (later refered to as F/Holden)  support race qualified 6th and finished 5th, against a 26 car field the car prepared by K&A.
  • 1993 came 5th in the Australian Championship.
  • 1994 Demolished the Ralt RT21 at Philip Island due to high winds taking away downforce and another chasis at the 1994 Adelaide F1 GP support race when the gearbox broke into a fast corner due to the inability of the gearbox to handle the new found grip with a chasis rebuild and engine torque of the Holden V6 Engine;
  • 1995 purchased outdated 990 Reynards (earliest of Carbon cars) from Allan Gallaway of Alibar Farms who in turn purchased the much faster 1991/92 model Reynard ready for the Australiasian Championship in Indonesia NZ & Aus, in 1995 it was also the last Australian Grand Prix in Adelaide. Albert qualified 23rd due to mechanical trouble (carbon clutch replaced for the race), ended up finishing 8th behind Chris Hocking;
  • 1996 & 1997 drove in the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne support race as well as Eastern Creek, which was the last race in open wheel.
  • 1998 Surfers Indy GP hiring an Auscar from Marshall Brewer, qualifying 16th finishing 15th in a 30 car line up.

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