To evolve into a competitive front running team, rewarding its backers in promoting their business. The 2019 demonstration races in late 2019, namely Sandown and "The Bend" (Adelaide) showed the top 10 cars split be less than a within 1 second, a tenth apart.

The team's philosophy is to introduce potential younger karting and Formula drivers having the skills to become a top class driver. The team have already had its first 6 driver introduction days at Winton 2020.

New Zealander, Jordan Michels was the teams driver for the Australian Grand Prix 2020. Unfortunately due to COVID-19, the event was cancelled Friday however we did get to run the Thursday practise. Jordan won the New Zealand Formula 1600 Championship & second in the Formula Ford New Zealand South Island Series in 2019 and going through a set up program focused on setup evolution for the weekend not justifying his talent. We had a program to evolve the car set up, opportunity lost due to F1 cancellation. The program continue a week later at Winton (Vic) eventually went consistant fast laps at Winton for top 3 based on other drivers times in testing.

2020/21 Australian Racing Group - S5000 calendar (Due to COVID-19 the calender may be revised). Latest update (6th March 2021)

  • January 24-26, 2021 - Symmons Plains (Sunday - Tuesday)
  • March 12th -14th 2021 - Phillip Island Victoria (2021)
  • March  19th - 21st 2021 - Sandown (Supercar event)
  • Sydney 30th April - 2nd May 2021 Sydney Motorsport Park

The 4 Race series each have a 3 Races each event and forms the Series for 2020 Australian Drivers Championship. The idea is simply first to win you must finish! That is to gain points and become a champion you need to finish races and gain enough points to beat your competitors.


Ongoing driver evaluation during the year to introduce younger drivers. The team named 88Racing allows the opportunity for Junior drivers out of karting or Formula Ford, F3 with skill either a full budget or partial budget, the team can provide a car in your own sponsors colours. 

The FIA internationally recognised category is an ideal pathway to Formula One at a modest cost compared to F2 with a planned test in FIA F2 in Italy.

  • CHASSIS - Carbon composite monocoque – 2018 FIA compliant, produced by Onroak (France) Dimensions Length 4900mm, Width: 1950mm, Wheelbase: 3000mm
  • SUSPENSION - Double wishbone, front and rear, Pushrod adjustable ride, front/rear, Front/rear adjustable anti-roll bars JRI three-way adjustable shock absorbers
  • STEERING - Rack and pinion, Collapsible steering column
  • FIA APPROVALS - 2018 FIA Specification approved items, front crash structure, rear crash structure, side-impact structures, cockpit halo, side and front intrusion panels, 6-point harness, wheel tethers, headrest 2018 FIA-spec extra
  • ENGINE - Ford Racing Engine, Motec Fuel-injected 5.2-litre quad-cam 32 Valve V8, de-tuned to run at 8,000 RPM (down from 10,000 RPM) for reliability and longevity by InnoV8 (Brisbane) at minimum Horsepower of 560 to achive FIA approval, Engine Life 2 years before major rebuild with minor maintenance yearly.
  • TRANSMISSION - 6-speed sequential transaxle, with pneumatic paddle change made by Hollinger (Australian based company) , includes the bell-housing with integral oil tank. Life expected at 2 - 3 years before a minor rebuild, designed for higher horsepower heavy duty applications;
  • WHEELS & TYRES - 15 x 17 inch rear, 15 x 12 inch front wheels Rear tyre: 680/405-15 Front tyre: 570/290-15 - 1 set per meeting allowed only
  • CHASSIS INTEGRATION/DESIGN/DEVELOPMENT/ENGINEERING - developed by ARG / Borland Racing / Gary Rogers Motorsport Melbourne. Majority of components are world class Australian technology.


Engineering consultant (F2/F1) Treviso Italy Luigi Zanon, Albert Callegher and Toby Pope.


2020 - GKN Motorsport 2020 (Special thanks to Greg Woodrow for initial team efforts)

2021 - GRM Motorsport - Major servicing (the car Manufacturer) ongoing related servicing;

2021 - Team for all other items, including engineering students from Monash, Swinburne and RMIT Univertisty's form the backbone of the team


Any well run team on a small budget the ability to run competitively based on an affordable yet powerful F1 styled car, thanks for the foresight of Chris Lambden Gary and Barry Rogers (all former racers), having low maintenance with tough robust parts, standardised economical mass produced, fixed with minimal adjustments allowed. Testing is also limited, this combinations is focused on driver ability not the teams budget.

Lower aero grip, tyre limit of 1 set per race weekend, a powerful open wheel formula with limited grip, provides lots of TV action with cars snaking out of slow corners highlighting driver skill, which is lacking in other major  categories.